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From the mouths of babes...


Having the privilege of being photographed by Pam was an invigorating and beautiful experience that helped me gain back self-confidence, learn to love my own inner and outer beauty, while in the process providing a beautiful book of photographs for my husband as a wedding gift. Pam made me feel so comfortable, confident, and sexy, resulting in such beautiful and tasteful photographs that will forever capture that moment in time for me....a time I will never forget.

~ Desiree 


I love Pam. She made me feel like a supermodel during our photo shoot. I've had many photos taken where I just don't like the way I look. I am thrilled with all the pictures she took. With her direction, I appeared as though I knew exactly what I was doing.That is a miracle trust me! I am not always so photogenic. She knows just the right angles that will give the most flattering photograph. Thanks Pam!!

~ Becky 


I wanted to do something special, not only for my husband but for myself as well. As a mother of two, wife, and business owner, it's almost impossible to be Sexy all the time. Pamela helped me get my Sexy out!! I loved our photo shoot. I had such a great time just letting my hair down and having fun while being sexy.

~ Sia 


I fell in love with Pam's photographs during Gallery Night in Milwaukee. And within two minutes I also fell in love with Pam! She's warm, intelligent, fun, professional and creative. Her photographs are beautiful, bold and unique. I was given the amazing gift of a photo session with Pam.  We had coffee together prior to the session - discussing what I was looking for in photographs. Mostly we talked like friends who haven't seen each other in a while. We exchanged messages about wardrobe and location and the day before our session, Pam came to my home to look at my clothing selection and make suggestions.


During the session I felt comfortable, relaxed and had some fun and felt beautiful. Pam had a creative vision of the location & time of day and made it happen. Later than evening Pam sent a few images she captured during the day. I was overwhelmed with her photography skills and how gorgeous the photos turned out. My husband loved them and kept asking me to check my phone in case Pam sent more! At least one of those photographs will be hanging in my home!

~ Wendy


My wife and I have been married for 27 years, with three children. The last thing I expected for Valentine's Day was a sexy photo book - of my wife! Not only does she look amazingly hot and gorgeous, Pam captured exactly my wife's inner beauty, her sly sense of humor and that wicked twinkle in her eye that hooked me almost 30 years ago. I love this book! The photographs are amazing. Best Valentine's gift EVER.

~ Tony





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